Gorinto gyuto

Gorinto gyuto

230mm by 52mm

125sc, wrought iron cladding 

Elm burl handle 

The symbols on this knife are based on gorinto which are Buddhist grave markers.  The design of the stupa has a series of shapes which represent earth, water, air,  fire and ether.  I’m not going to try and explain the significance of these symbols here but have a google as it’s quite interesting.  The symbols appealed to me because there is a common thread within the craft I practice and I appreciate the connection to olde world alchemy. 
I made a set of stamps to use to punch the symbols into the blade, this is the first iteration of this idea which I hope to explore a bit.

This knife has its bevels polished out using natural whetstones, This process means the upkeep of the blade should be significantly easier especially if you know your way around a whetstone.  Flattening the bevels and refining them can be a chore in the initial stages so I’ve done the groundwork for you so it’ll be nice to take to the stones for your polishing pleasure.