Gyuto burnt oak handle 


C105 old stock from achim in Germany, super clean core.  Clad with wrought iron and 15n20 patternweld.  Slight imperfection on the ura which is part of the character of wrought iron, will not effect proper use. 


4mm-1.5mm distal taper 

Handle, oak, burnt black 

This knife has its bevels polished out using natural whetstones, This process means the upkeep of the blade should be significantly easier especially if you know your way around a whetstone.  Flattening the bevels and refining them can be a chore in the initial stages so I’ve done the groundwork for you so it’ll be nice to take to the stones for your polishing pleasure.  

These knives are made from carbon steels not stainless steel, this allows them to take a fine edge fairly easily but has a downside that they will rust not given the proper care and attention.  Carbon steel forms a patina which can be very beautiful and acts as a protective layer slowing further corrosion.