Mosaic bunka

Mosaic bunka

This knife is made form a mosaic damascus with chainmail as the initial idea. It was meant to be a spot longer and pointier however the gods of heat treat were frowning on mew so it’s now a bunka. We have a bolster which is made from one section of the pattern before repeating, fire welded onto the sides of the blade 

Materials: en42j 15n20 26c3 core 
Length: 175mm
Spine Thickness
Heel: 4mm
Mid: 3mm
1cm from tip: 1.5mm
Heel: 50mm
Mid: 45mm
Drop: 40mm
Materials: ancient kauri (circa 50k BC New Zealand )and Bog oak (3500bc from the fens) 
Length: 145mm starting at bolster
Width: 25mm

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