165mm by 45mm


15n20 En42, 120layers 

Bog oak and blue spacers octagonal wa handle 

This Deba is a little outside the box.  Usually made out of soft steel forge welded onto hard steel.  This ones through and through hard.  The hollow back allows ease of sharpening, it was heavily forged into the back to get the hollow and also to produce a different pattern.  The edge is polished out, the pattern on the edge will develop with use. This is a chunky little Deba as they should be.  

This knife has its bevels polished out using natural whetstones, This process means the upkeep of the blade should be significantly easier especially if you know your way around a whetstone.  Flattening the bevels and refining them can be a chore in the initial stages so I’ve done the groundwork for you so it’ll be nice to take to the stones for your polishing pleasure.