Apex Ultra gyuto and kogatana combo

Apex Ultra gyuto and kogatana combo


Knife: Gyuto and kogatana

Steel: Apex Ultra, circa 67hrc. Clad with wrought iron, really impressive new steel from some great metallurgical wizards, extra hard, clean and very tough, gets sharp, stays sharp (not forever that would be a brazen lie, but longer than most steels)


Spine thickness:

Tang: 8mm


Mid: 3mm

1cm from tip: 1mm


heel 54mm

Kogatana, same steel, about 60mm blade length, quite thin, I imagine it as a paring knife, a useful addition where a tiny knife is needed. Also stone polished bevels, finished with fingerstones.

Handle: bog oak 5500years old from Adamson and Lowe, saya also bog oak , all friction fit.


Width: 25mm

weight: 237g

Saya (case) included, also bog oak, made by me, with some tools I made, friction fit.

knife has its bevels polished out using natural whetstones, This process means the upkeep of the blade should be significantly easier especially if you know your way around a whetstone. Flattening the bevels and refining them can be a chore in the initial stages so I’ve done the groundwork for you so it’ll be nice to take to the stones for your polishing pleasure.

These knives are made from carbon steels not stainless steel, this allows them to take a fine edge fairly easily but has a downside that they will rust not given the proper care and attention. Carbon steel forms a patina which can be very beautiful and acts as a protective layer slowing further corrosion.