Joel will give you an introduction to the machinery in the workshop and health and safety. We'll provide all the PPE you need, just wear sturdy shoes or boots and clothes you don't mind getting dirty.

Joel will introduce you to the power hammer, the gas forge, and all of your materials for the weekend and then you'll get to work folding and shaping your steel. 


You will get to try out some basic pattern welding techniques, and learn about the historical and structural reasons for using different types of steel. 

Have you ever wanted to make your own chef's knife? Thinking of getting into bladesmithing and want to see what it would be like? Or are you an experience seeker who fancies smashing some hot metal around? We can help!​ Our forge is set in the beautiful Moors Meadow Gardens in Bromyard, Herefordshire. 

The course fee includes lunch (we're not bad cooks, mind), materials, and two full days teaching at the forge. You can also bring your own materials if you would like to include something special in your blade or handle and we can help you make it work. Knife making is hard work - please expect the odd blister/burn and maybe even a cut if your blade is sharp enough! We take safety very seriously (we like our fingers a lot and want to keep them) however a little nick or two is pretty much unavoidable so this means over 16's only please (with an adult) and over 18's if you're coming on your own.

Once your blade is forged out, the next step is stock removal. Then the knives need to anneal overnight, to begin the heat treatment process, which is how your blade gets it's hardness.

This will be the end of day one (you will be tired!), we have a great food scene in Hereford and we can offer advice on where to go/what there is to do with the the rest of your evening. 

You can also explore some of the countryside and wild gardens around the forge, Ros the resident landlady offers guided tours in the summer, and there are plenty of great walking spots nearby.

Day two will start with heat treating and then finishing off the shaping of the blades. After that you will be shown the polishing and acid etching process. This is the exciting bit where the pattern weld which you made on day one will become visible. 

The next and final step is handling, we have a variety of woods at the workshop, but please feel free to bring materials. Do drop us a message before hand if you wish and we can give you some guidance. 

After a final wax and oil you're all done, your knife is now yours to keep!

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